Working Capital

Emerald Capital can provide funding options that are tailor-made to work in line with your operational demands.

Working capital refers to the cash a business requires for day-to-day
operations and is characterised by:

Short Term Needs, working capital info

Short Term Needs

Working Capital can be utilised in acquiring current assets which will be converted to cash for a short period only.

Permanency, working capital info


Although Working Capital is a form of short-term capital, it is always needed to maintain the operations of the business.

Fluctuation, working capital info


Working Capital requirements fluctuate at times, even though it is permanently required by a business.

Liquidity, Working Capital info


Working Capital is very liquid as it can be converted as cash any time without any losses incurred.

Secured Working Capital loans will require assets as collateral. The amount companies can borrow is restricted by the assets available.


In large contracts, contractors normally take mobilization advances from clients to commence work on projects.

To safeguard the client, the contractor arranges for its bank to make a commitment to return to the employer the advance taken by the contractor if it fails to proceed with the project. This undertaking is unconditional.

Emerald Capital is able to finance such guarantees.