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Apr 19, 2024 | Education

Who is Emerald Capital?

Emerald Capital Group is an alternative lending provider that specializes in trade finance solutions. We focus on short-term financing on a revolving basis that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each business transaction.

As a direct lender with a strong balance sheet, we can make quick and flexible lending decisions that are best suited to our clients’ needs.

Our expertise in trade finance solutions enables us to provide our clients with the financial support they need to grow their businesses.

Our Product Offering | Trade Finance Solutions

Receivables Discounting is a form of Receivables Purchase, flexibly applied, in which sellers of goods and services sell individual or multiple receivables (represented by outstanding invoices) to a finance provider at a discount.

Forfaiting is a form of Receivables Purchase, consisting of the without-recourse purchase of future payment obligations represented by financial instruments or payment obligations (normally in negotiable or transferable form), at a discount or face value in return for a financing charge.

Factoring is a form of Receivables Purchase, in which sellers of goods and services sell their receivables (represented by outstanding invoices) at a discount to a finance provider (commonly known as the ‘factor’).

A key differentiator of Factoring is that typically the finance provider becomes responsible for managing the debtor portfolio and collecting the payment of the underlying receivables.

Payables Finance is provided through a buyer-led program within which sellers in the buyer’s supply chain can access finance using Receivables Purchase.

The technique provides a seller of goods or services with the option of receiving the discounted value of receivables (represented by outstanding invoices) before their actual due date and typically at a financing cost aligned with the credit risk of the buyer. The payable continues to be due by the Buyer until its due date.

Recurring Income Finance refers to a type of financing that is based on the borrower’s regular income from various sources, such as rental properties or a business.

Lenders use this income to evaluate the borrower’s ability to repay the loan and determine the loan amount and terms. This type of financing is often used for personal and small business loans.

Loan or Advance against Receivables is financing made available to a party involved in a supply chain on the expectation of repayment from funds generated from current or future trade receivables and is usually made against the security of such receivables but may be unsecured.

Loan or Advance against Inventory is financing provided to a buyer or seller involved in a supply chain for the holding or warehousing of goods (either pre-sold, un-sold, or hedged) and over which the finance provider usually takes a security interest or assignment of rights and exercises a measure of control.

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